An Aquarium for the Office

When furnishing a new work space, or remodeling an old one, there will be a great deal of detail to sort out. One will need to consider many things as they design their new office. They will need to look at who will be viewing and using the space, their budget, and the colour theme of the room or rooms. It is a good idea to complete the office furniture planning and other aspects of the interior design with sophisticated piece of office furniture that is often overlooked is an aquarium.

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Aquariums, just like rooms themselves, can have very unique and individualized designs. They can be targeted towards children, bright and colourful, sophisticated, subdued, or a centerpiece. How one decides to furnish and display their aquarium will depend on several factors who will be using the room, where the piece will be displayed (i.e. in the center of the room or off to the side),and what kind of care can be dedicated to the piece.


Once the curator of the aquarium has decided on a target audience, they can start choosing decorations and residents for their tank. If the piece is in the office of a doctor for children, for example, they may want to add some child friendly accents to the water. Pet stores and fish specialty stores have many kinds of decorations that are great for infants to enjoy. For example, one will probably be able to find a statuette of a popular cartoon character to put in the tank. Larger, brightly coloured and patterned fish will be great additions to catch the eyes of little ones. One may want to choose safety glass to protect against little hands touching or even accidentally falling onto the tank. If one is going for a more sophisticated look, perhaps using the tank as a wall accent in an upscale attorney's office, they may want to choose more subdued, natural looking decorations such as faux plants and rock designs. The designer could even purchase fish and other water creatures that match the room's colour scheme.


Another thing to take into account is where the piece will be displayed. This will play a role in which type of tank one purchases. If it is going to be displayed in the middle of a room with a 360 degree view, one will want to purchase a tank with see through material on all sides. If the tank is going up against a wall, one may purchase one with a solid backing on it. One can even purchase tanks that fit into walls, bookshelves, or other specific areas.


An important consideration is how much daily care is required for a tank and its contents. If a piece and several decorations are going to take a lot of time to clean on a daily basis, one may want to go with a smaller model, fewer residents, or lessen the amount of difficult to clean decorations.

An aquarium can make a great addition to an office decorating scheme-there are just a few important considerations before purchase and installation.